Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Canceled on account of sun

My museum trip is not happening today. The sun was out the time I got to the pool at 6:15 and it's predicted to be out all day. Taking the bus involves walking on both ends and that is enough of a challenge without throwing in the sun which makes it way more difficult and sucks out all the joy of the adventure.

The exhibit I want to see will be there for a while. And there will be a cloudy day again. I'll go then. Even if I have to pay, it will be worth it to skirt the sun.

So today I will run errands. I want to go to the fabric shop and the hardware store at least, maybe more. The Mariners game is at 4.

It will be a good day - as long as I am shaded - that's shaded not shady.
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