Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

162 sucks remaining

I am grateful that there is such a thing as an easy to use inhaler that works when and where I need it.

BUT this is 2014. This thing holds 200 sucks. And ZERO ways to figure out how many sucks are left. Really?  Apparently the old float in water trick does not really work. After it is out of medicine, it still sends out puffs so you could happily suck on this forever and with zero benefit. Other than manually counting, there is no way to track. At a minimum you'd think they'd provide a label you could write on and do hash marks. But, no.

I have had inhalers that included counters and there are, according to the internets, sleeves with counters on them that are universal but no way, I can figure out, for me to lay my hands on one.  There is one gizmo that sits on top but has very mixed reviews - actually more negative than positive - costs $40 and even the marketing says that it will not last more than a year under the best circumstances. WTF?

This red counter is a counter that you slip onto your knitting needle to count rows or stitches. $3. The rubber band I got off a bunch of bananas. 

Better than nuthin.

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