Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My ears are so last century

I never have loved earbuds. To be fair, I wasn't that wild about holding a transistor radio up to my ear either.

Today was a perfect example of my issues. I use a waterproofed iPod Shuffle in the pool with a special waterproofed short cord set of earbuds.  Today, I was having trouble hearing the music. I could make out what it was, but it sure wasn't clear.  I pulled out and repositioned the earbuds a half dozen times.  Then, for no reason except desperation, I reversed them. I moved the one in the right ear to the left, and vice versa.  Problem solved!

I pent the rest of my swim pondering this.  I've been using these earbuds for nearly a year and never knew there was a right/left.  Why have left/right earbuds anyway??    My ears are the same. Where they live on my head is different but that shouldn't make any difference in the sound?

Then as I was ending my swim, the thing told me I was nearly out of battery. Kind of curious cause it usually lasts longer than this but

I get home and with good light discover that there is no label on the earbuds. They do not say left or right.  I stuck them in my ears and switched them back and forth and could not tell one bit of difference.  And.. the battery was 75% full.

WTF???  It's a sad day when your player and earbuds fuck with you.
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