Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Yesterday afternoon I got hit with the COPD stick and really felt like crap. I slept for a little in the afternoon and sucked on my emergency inhaler at every safe interval. When I got into bed last night I was coughing and uncomfortable but remembered the Breathe Right strip and slept pretty well. When I got up this morning, however, I still felt like shit.  That was about 2 hours ago and now I feel fine. Weird o but I'm very happy with fine.

There's an exhibit at the Bellevue Art Museum that I would like to see. They open the doors for free on the first Friday of the month. Driving there and parking is a PIA but the last time I took the bus, there was way too much walking and walking uphill but looking at the Metro Map tells me that possibly I did it wrong.  So I'm considering a retry for tomorrow.  I want to try it before it gets too hot and I lose the will.

Today there is swimming at 11 and that is it.  There is no Mariner game today.

These are the kind of days when I find myself looking at companies that would be fun to work for.  The latest is Staples.Com. They have opened up a technology/dev office a few blocks from here and look like they might be doing some really interesting stuff ... plus, imagine what their office supply closet must look like!!

The reality is that having a job would interfere with my swimming and doing nothing schedule. But, because I spend so much of my time flirting with the possibility, clearly I must have unresolved work issues. I still have very frequent work dreams - all really positive. It does not help that this neighborhood is rapidly growing back to what it was in 2000 when every inch of every square foot of real estate was crammed with tech jobs. The bubble burst and everybody left but now they are coming back and fast and looking for employees. It's so tempting. But, really, only theoretically.
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