Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Going behind your back while you are in a coma

Ann is driving me crazy. Mainly it just takes so much of my energy to be nice and pleasant and accommodating and doing that over and over and over again. She asked me to do her a simple favor on Wednesday. She asked me on Monday and on Tuesday and she reminded me Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday morning and Wednesday at noon.

I know she is especially needy right now but I my ability to deal with that is severely limited.

Eons ago, I found a handyman who is, in fact a woman - Amy - who has done work for me and for some of my neighbors. Ann has talked about hiring her for more than a year to do several things around her unit but she's only talked about it - over and over and over again.  Finally, she called Amy and hired her.

Turns out she didn't do it sooner because Ron kept saying he'd fix the stuff and there was no need to hire anybody.  So the minute they put him into a coma, she's on the horn to Amy.  ha!!  All the stuff is fixed now. I got the keys and locked them up in Ann's unit.   Last I heard, they were going to start bringing Ron out of the coma tomorrow.  Surprise! Your HoneyDo List is all done!!
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