Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I did not sleep well last night. I think my nose was stuffed up and it kept waking me up. Tonight will be a Breathe Right night for sure. There is nothing like an early morning swim to clear the cobwebs. Lots of people thought the same thing today - the pool was packed.  Happily, most are jocks who would not be caught dead in my 'easy' lane.  Ha! I only had one other person in my lane the whole swim.

Today's baseball game is on now! 9 am. Wild. But that's the benefit of living on the left coast and playing a game on the right coast. Love it.  Plus, we are playing Atlanta. A true novelty. Fun to see new faces.

Today's projects are ripping two CD's for my swim music player and moving my domains.

I've had my domain names with my current registrar for many years. They used to be headquartered in New Orleans and had their offices there during Katrina and never missed a beat. Their blog, at the time, showed and told horrific stories of their efforts to keep things going in the worse circumstances.  But after a few years they abandoned both New Orleans and the U.S. and moved offshore. It appeared they were evading something but I tried not to find out.  Now we are seeing outages and that's my last straw. There are many many fine registrars out there who's rates are the same and who's service is better. Time to move on.  The process is a little sucky but whatever.

I only have two domains now. I used to have about 10. The first one I ever got - - I got back when they were free. You simply filled out a simple application and if the domain name was available, you go it.  Really hard to believe now.  Then there were they years when you had to pay $70-80 to keep the domain. Those were the bad old years and didn't last long.  Now it's generally $15 which is, in my book, totally reasonable. BUT, for $15 you must 1) keep the domain operational and 2) if failure should occur be accessible 24/7.  My current outfit failed 1 and 2 this weekend and again this morning.  So... we're done.

It's wonderfully cool yesterday and today which means the house feels really nice and tomorrow is supposed to be even cooler. Nice. Hot will be here soon enough and I'll be counting the days til September.
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