Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

All is good...

I went to the home owners meeting and was pleasantly surprised at how interesting and informative it was. I didn't stay too long because just before I went downstairs, I got an email from a guy who wanted to buy my Tivo! I wanted to stay near the inbox and also package it up for him.

Meanwhile the Yankees were eating the Mariners lunch. Yep. Not the other way around. It was a GREAT game. I kept having to pause it.  So finally, about the 7th inning, I got everything taken care of and sat down to enjoy it. And the phone rang.  It was Ann wanting to chat about the Yankee loss.  I explained that at my house we were in the 7th inning but thanks for letting me know the outcome.  ARUGH.  She KNOWS I watch it on time delay.  She was in here after the game started this evening and saw that it was stopped while I was doing stuff.  What.Ev.Er

I was able to stop her before she blurted out the score so at least I had that to look forward to.  10-2 sooooo sweet. Plus it was a one game stand so we swept them! ha!!

The internet thing was very interesting. Apparently it's an outfit that does NOT use the coax but works off fiber and supplies each unit wirelessly so it's an option not a replacement. Interesting. And way better than I thought.

The TiVo buying guy came on time and paid in cash and it hasn't been hot enough in here tonight to turn on the A/C. Close but I persevered.  All is good.
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