Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I enjoy some people. Not that many actually, but some. I do not have a much patience at all with a whole lot of people. And, pretending that I am different so as not to offend, takes a whole lot of energy that I am less and less willing to expend. I have built a life so that my dealings with people I don't want to deal with is minimal. A side benefit is that I offend as few people as possible.

I am not someone anyone should want to depend on. I was happy to help Ann yesterday to a point. And then it was annoying and invasive. I am not motivated by compassion or desire to be a better person. I'm fully aware that one day it is likely I will need to depend on someone and/or the kindness of strangers or both and I cannot express how much I dread that day.

In a someone related note I am seriously considering going to at least part of our Home Owners meeting this evening. I have been to maybe 4 of these meetings in the 22 years I've lived here. But tonight there is an agenda item - 'alternate internet provider' - that I really want to know about ahead of time. It takes them about 6 months or more to post the minutes of the meeting on the world's worst HOA website. So the only way to find out what they are planning is to go.

I suspect that some snake oil isp has sweet talked one of the naive board members into trying to take over the coax in the building. I don't think anyone on our current board has enough tech experience to know how to ask the question, much less what the answer might be. They are the type who think that 5mbps is great broadband. I have heard of some very successful and cost effective smaller providers like Webpass and having one of those would be great. But the comparable ones that I know about locally are full of fail after install.

I don't think that taking over the coax from Comcast can happen easily or quickly but I don't know for sure. As much as I hate the idea of attending the meeting, I think going is better, this time, than not knowing.  And, this item is near the top of the agenda so, hopefully, I won't have to stay long.

The meeting is at 6 in the lobby.  I have a few hours to decide if I can screw up the patience and civility to go.
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