Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Lorikeets and Mandarin Dragonets

I have rearranged my desktop computer so that when I am not using it, the stuff I want to see all the time (weather, network monitor, etc) is in the center screen and the two other screens have rotating photographs.  Right now I have Mandarin Dragonets from Bing photos on one screen and Lorikeets from Flickr on the other.  They switch every 30 minutes and make me smile.

Ann came over earlier with a stack of papers and a request. They were planning to take a week long Alaskan cruise later this month and she wanted me to get started cancelling it and getting their money back.  It looks like they won't have any problems doing either - the paperwork says they have something like 15 days to cancel so by sending an email today, they should be cool on that. Plus, of course, everything was on credit cards so if the cruise people balk, they are still covered.  I got her to write out that she wanted me to act on her behalf and I scanned that and the other documents showing order numbers and stuff and wrote an email to the person Ron was dealing and cc'd the company's info email address.  Paper Trail Begun.

Otherwise, Ann seemed a bit frazzled but pretty good considering. She talked in terms of not finding out until Thursday 'if he has any brain function left'.  I'm still do not see how she is going to make it on her own at all.  But, what do I know? Miracles happen.

One sure happened at Safeco Field today.  The Mariners pulled out another win and swept the Detroit Tigers. They are now back to .500 again. Amazing. I kind of want the season to be over now before they slide back down.

The days are getting warmer and warmer here with no rain. I have been able to hold off turning on the air conditioner until about 5 but have been running it from 5-10 for the past several days and it's only the 1st of June. Global Fucking Warming has come to my living room.  Salad for dinner.
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