Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Ann S. called to say that they have frozen Ron for now. Probably chilled him down is a little more accurate. She said that Ann was at home and going to sleep.

An hour later, Ann herself called and sounded way more better than I expected.  She retold me what Ann S. had and added that the fireman who drover her (and her car) to the hospital was some kind of hot.

She said they are chilling Ron down for 24 hours and then will thaw him out for 12 and won't know squat til that is done. She volunteered that she really liked the doctors and that they knew that Ann and Ron were DNR'd in wishes and in writing. So that gave her some peace.

And she said "I didn't know what to do about his computer [it's a laptop] but once before you told me just to shut the lid and all will be fine so that's what I did. That ok?"  Perfectly OK.

I'm glad she called. It was good to hear she had not fallen apart. Also that the fireman was hot.
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