Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Yesterday was wait wait wait ... and then I spent the rest of the day/night in TiVo ville.  The new box arrived.  Set up of a new TiVo box - especially one not bought directly from TiVo - is not quick or even very straight forward.

For instance, you can go to TiVo's website (one of the slowest website's on the planet) and copy your list of Season Passes from one box to another which is a huge help but... you cannot do that until the new box has been installed, hooked up, activated and rebooted - at 10 minutes a reboot - several times.  Once the Season Pass has been copied (NOT a check all/copy process but more a check 15, copy, uncheck, check the next 15, copy, uncheck... etc.), then you have to got through another process with the box at least a couple of times.  Even so, after 6 hours, I still could not get any premium channel. I don't know if the problem is that Comcast did not pair up the cable card incorrectly or it was one of the 'wait' items.  I'll noodle that out when I get back home later today.

In the bedroom, I had to decommission the old old TiVo. I hit 'reset' and that process took, 90 minutes. 90 minutes! Once it was done, I could unhook that one and replace it with the one from the living room.  It only took one reboot and some minor fiddling to get it going.  I set up some transfers of programs I particularly wanted to see in the living room. They likely finished last night.

It does astound me that people without the discretionary time and years of TiVo experience put up with this kind of shit.  I love TiVo. Once it is set up and operating, it's fabulous. Getting there is still like crawling over cut glass.

But... The new box is pretty fucking slick. Besides having 6 tuners (just last  week, twice, I could not record a program I wanted because all four tuners were busy), it is zippy. It is really really responsive. Instead of click and wait, it's click and whoa, there it is!  I'm happy with my decision.

Today is swimming first. I'll be leaving in about 30 minutes. And then breakfast and then grocery. And then home.  There's a soccer game here at 1 so I need to not linger and get on home before the traffic gets thick.

This afternoon I plan to watch HBO's The Normal Heart.

Dealing with boxes and behind TV's and general futzing yesterday have netted me fresh and vibrant blood bruises on my hands and arms. Ugly ugly ugly. Could be so much worse. They are only ugly. Not painful even to the touch. And they aren't on my face or neck. But... uuuuuugly.

Oh well. If I swim fast, you won't be able to tell :)
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