Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Waiting for godot (cause waiting for UPS sounds unimaginative)

Today my new TiVo arrives. It's Out For Delivery. I got my first TiVo in 2000. I've had one tuner TiVos, 2 tuner TiVos, 4 tuner TiVos, I had one TiVo that recorded onto DVD (I really loved that one) and now this new one which not only has 6 tuners but also is reported to be way faster. This time they have moved the programming off the space that houses the programs which makes it more agile.  I'm ready. I've often been really frustrated that TiVo has not fixed stuff fast enough, not added new/better features fast enough, not added the features I want along with a laundry list of other gripes BUT...  it's still the best out there. And, besides, I'm hooked. Clearly.

So I'm really looking forward to getting this new box. I'll move the living room one into the bedroom and keep trying to sell the bedroom one.

I got all new blood bruises on one arm last night in my sleep.  Then, coming through the garage this morning, that same arm, inches away from the new bruises, I gouged some skin off when it clipped the edge of an emergency box.  Short sleeved Summer is just going to be ugly this year.

I had to switch back to the old LJ on my little chrome book because it's losing a fight with the new LJ screen real estate. The actual content is only 2 inches wide.  I'm sure LJ will get the UI issues all sorted sooner or later. I'm just glad I have a fall back until the.

Swimming today kind of took my breath away.  Even the lifeguard noticed it. When I got out and we were chanting, he asked me why I was so breathless.  Dunno.  Inhaler to the rescue.  All's fine.

There's a really fun young woman who's winning on Jeopardy right now. She's won 19 games so far. She's delightful to watch.  Julia Collins from outside Chicago.  She wears sweaters every day - exactly the same style. This morning, she retweeted from an account that has been created for her sweaters.  Hilarious. And I love that she retweeted it.

Screenshot 2014-05-30 at 9.00.13 AM
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