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Most all of my discretionary spending is done shopping online and the vast majority of that is done at Amazon. And this is all done from the one state that has always had to pay sales tax on everything Amazon sells. Somewhat because of that sales tax thing, Amazon is not always the cheapest. But, the few bucks I pay extra is worth it to me in terms of the safety of shopping where there is easy recourse if something goes wrong and one who keeps promises, like shipping dates.

But, Amazon has spoiled me.  Severely.

A couple of weeks ago, after a year of wanting and a month or so of really really really wanting, I finally pulled the trigger on a TiVo Roamio. I hunted high and low for the cheapest price I could find. I found it on Amazon but NOT an Amazon sale. It was a partner, out of state, so no sales tax plus $50 off so more than $100 less (30%) than the 'deal' that TiVo offered me. With Free Shipping. I forked over the cash.

And... I waited. They promised 3-5 days shipping. However, unlike Amazon, they took their own sweet time getting it to the shipper. So 3-5 days shipping turned out to be 5 with another 5 to get to the shipper and then toss in two weekends - one of them 3 day...  My Amazon brain is hurting with the wait. Tomorrow. And with my luck, it will be one of those days when UPS makes us their last delivery of the day.

Speaking of UPS, they used to pick up packages put into the box labeled UPS OUT that sits right next to where they leave deliveries.  But, apparently, no more.  I think our UPS drivers have been replaced with people from the DMV.  I rushed like mad yesterday to get my laptop boxed up and down to the UPS OUT box in time and then the delivery guy just dropped his stuff and left without taking it. gRRRR

So today I'll drop it off at Office Depot on the way to deliver the bears on the way to the pool. S'ok, I have time and it's not terribly out of the way.


For years I had a wonderful friend, John. One of our greatest delights was to pour a drink and turn on the evening news and fill the air with snide commentary about each story and the editorial decisions surrounding it.

John died more than a decade ago. Every time I hear shit on the air I think of him. I'm guessing this delights him no end.

This morning's public radio offering was tailor made for John.

I don't often agree with David Sedaris. I enjoy listening to him but I disagree with a lot of his views. But, this morning, NPR quoted him spewing my opinion about the Hatchett/Amazon kerfuffle.  The publisher won't do what Amazon wants so Amazon is not selling the publisher's wares the way the publisher wants. And the media is treating it as if it's a middle east religious jihad.  David Sedaris suggested that people who want to buy Hatchett books go to book stores. I would add that they can also order from places other than Amazon.  The end of the world this is not.

And also on my news rant list, the Seattle Police Department.

For about a decade they have beat up and shot and maligned anyone they like with impunity and often on video.  Then they got punished. The courts have mandated correct conduct.  And now, a group of them is suing the city and the courts saying the restrictions now imposed are causing an unsafe environment.

Cry me a river.

At least NYC will soon be safe for ferrets.
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