Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I've had way too much computer hardware for way too long. A lot of it was accumulated because what I had in house was not good enough to accommodate what I would buy new to augment (instead of replacing) and pretty soon I had a house full of one trick pony computers. But then the software got better - far less fiddly and the cloud got way more doable. And I started culling.

Yesterday I made the last big chop. I sent the Lenovo to Amazon for $. I now have two Windows computers (down from a fairly embarrassing 5). I have a Windows 7 desktop that is the workhorse.  And I have a Windows 8 tablet that I use for games, for programming my Harmony Remote and for managing my swimming iPad Shuffle. Windows update day will now be far less of a major headache.

I use Chromebooks for my everyday stuff. They are easy and fast and cheap and painless. If something should go awry, I can factory reset it in under 3 minutes.  I can click on anything without worry.  I have actually 4 of these which is also embarrassing. But, 1 was free. Two were under $200 and one is my ideal every day computer that I love.  Except for the ideal computer I use every day (a Pixel), the others aren't worth anything as resale so I just keep them. I've got backups to my backups but I'm ok with that.

It was the Windows computers that were taking up the electricity and time and aggravation and it feels so nice to have that all under control.
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