Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Thanks, un named guy

I have chimes on my phone. Every quarter hour, it chimes and on the hour it chimes out the time. I love it. I particularly love it at night.  I can sleep through the chimes but if I wake up, the chiming is a nice way to know about the passage of time. (I often then I've got insomnia and will listen for the next quarter hour only to be fast asleep when it comes.)

But a few days ago, the chimes stopped at night. They worked great during the day but at night they were silent. I could not figure out what was silencing it. I looked at nearly every app and no clues.

Last night, in a dream, I was at work again and there was a dude with a tricky web page problem that I helped him worked out and in thanking me asked if he could return the favor. I told him about my phone problem. He said I should wake up in the night and troubleshoot while the problem was happening. I cringed at how much I did not like that plan.

But, about 5:30 this morning, I woke up, wide awake and so picked up the phone and BAM! there it was! Motorola has a 'helpful' feature that turns off the sound at night! Ha!! I had turned it off but they had apparently turned it back on. So I defined 'night' as from 5:01 am to 5:02 am.  Take that, Motorola!

Problem solved.  Thanks, dude in my dreams!!

Swimming this morning was crowded but good. Really good.

I think today sees a trip to Trader Joes and maybe Safeway which is a few blocks down. Laundry should happen soon.

But, first, I have a $10 credit at Audible.Com which can only be used to purchase books and it expires on Friday so I think I'll use it today to make sure I don't lose it.  Off to shop!
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