Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It's not Monday. And what the hell difference would it make to me anyway??  Well, no work but I would be at the pool at the wrong time. I did not hop out of bed and hit the road at 6 like I would have on Monday so I guess I passed the test. Still hard to get my Tuesday head on.

Today's adventure might be hooking up the third monitor. I have 3 monitors in a row at my desk but one is hooked up to an old laptop while the other two are hooked to my desktop computer. This was born when the desktop was kind of fragile. It got replaced with a killer but I never bothered to change the arrangement.  Then, yesterday, I discovered that I can get $55 for that old laptop with Amazon's Trade In service... oh k.  But the only remaining video ports on the CPU are Display Ports and HDMIs. My monitor has only VGA and DVI.  Out of all the cables and adapters I have in this house, I got nothing that will work. So this morning, I'm off to Re-PC in hopes they have something. If not, I'll order me up one on Amazon.  Then I can disassemble that laptop and send it on its merry way.

For years when I was younger and woke up with a man in my bed, I always tried to get to a mirror and a hairbrush before he woke up. I wasted so much time and energy on my shitty hair. It wasn't straight and it wasn't curly and it was fine and there wasn't that much of it. Humidity killed whatever I tried to do with it.  It was a battle day in and day out.  I don't think I had a naturally stress free good hair day until last year. At first swimming killed it.  It looked like I'd bee hit by a weed whacker that also spewed bleach.  I finally found a swim cap I could stand and started using expensive but excellent shampoo and conditioner and wow.  It looks good every day with nearly zero effort.  I come out of the shower and run a brush through it, and then loosen it up with my fingers.  When it dries, I brush it again.  And BAM, it looks great. So now I wake up alone BUT I wake up with GREAT hair!!  God has such a cute sense of humor.  It's ok, it's fun to have hair that always looks nice even if it's only me.

My project this morning, before I leave for the PC store and then the pool, is to find a new book to start on my Kindle. I have several 'samples' downloaded but I need bond with one so that when I have 10-15 mins or more, I won't have to spend it deciding, I can just read.  The audible book I'm listening to has about another week left at my current pace and I have a fair number of great 'next's lined up behind it.
It's all about keeping me entertained!!
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