Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A different swim

The big thing today - as is on most of my days - is swimming BUT today is different.

Seattle has a great system of city pools. Most were built in the 70's as part of a school levy. Most are right next to a high school. They are all 25 yard pools suitable for everything form laps to hijinks.

For a few months a year, there is also a 50 yard pool that opens. That pool is also a saltwater pool. It's open for the next few weekends before it opens every day for Summer.

It has one fatal flaw - at least for me. IF you can snag a nearby parking spot, it is a half mile walk from the car to the pool.  And, after I swim for a mile, a half mile back.  Swimming a mile is a nothingburger for me. Walking a half mile is a dog of a different bark.

And, if you walk all that way only to discover that the pool is too crowded....

So... I've been hoping and planning for inclement weather.  The pool opens pretty much regardless of weather. The last time I went it was cold and rainy and not at all crowded.  Today does not promise to be rainy but maybe.  However the temperature will be in the low 60s at swim time so I'm hopeful that will discourage many.  And it will be cool enough for me to walk.

The pool opens for 3 hours of laps at noon.  My plan is to leave here about 11ish. It's about 25 minutes from here in the car. If I get there early enough, I should be able to find parking and then have plenty of time to get there. I'll take my book. I'll pack my stuff into a roller backpack so I can take water and a jacket.

I'm really interested in how I do swimming my laps in a 50 yard pool.  When I was there last year, I only swam a lap or two and then took an aqua jogging class.  I didn't really 'do laps'.

I did not love being in the salt water. BUT the next day, my skin felt amazing. So knowing the benefit, I wonder if I'll dislike it less.

There is a baseball game here this afternoon between my house and the pool BUT I should be getting back here about an hour after the game starts so, hopefully won't hit traffic.

So that's my plan today.
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