Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I just realized that Live Journal is, once again, a journal. All the blog references are gone.  Wild. That's the first time I ever remember my ability to communicate telepathically actually working!  Or maybe they read this journal.  Ha!

Right now, today is swimming and Comcast but I think Comcast is going to be cancelled. I bitched about my internet interuptus on social media and a Comcast Cares person stepped up to the plate. She volunteered to send a tech today from 1-3.  And, of course, since she set up the appointment two days ago, there has not been one single outage.  I think I'll probably cancel.

I'm looking forward to swimming and trying more board work. I watched so YouTube last night for some tips on best practices. After swimming, I think I'll go to Denny's.  I really don't have any errands or things I need to do so I'll go get some breakfast and book time.

The whole Walgreens drug situation is all sorted out. My inhalers have been shipped. $7.20.  For a three months supply of both!!!  I paid 20% of the cost last time.  $374 out of my pocket.  Now it's $7.20!!  Medicare rocks. I cannot for the life of me understand why so many people think a single payer government operated insurance program is so horrible.  I set up auto refills for the inhalers and for the other 3 things I take to control blood pressure and cholesterol. They are all $1.20 each for 3 months worth.  Nice.
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