Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I recovered from my walk yesterday pretty completely. I few hours of not moving much fixed everything.

But, it got me to thinking about my swimming. Last night I posted a question about swimming as a workout on Reddit last night and got great info. I was mainly concerned about swimming a mile and is it really a workout if it doesn't feel like one? I got a ton of answers and they were all great. The bottom line is yes and no.  And one kind coach made a great suggestion.

I see other swimmers using boards for some laps. I figured they were just resting their arms and taking a couple of laps 'off'.  Ha. Turns out no. This coach said to try the board for a few laps mixed into my workout warning it was slow work but tough. So this morning I gave it a go and holy moly. Those swimmers are NOT resting!  That coach was on the money it is slow but it is hard work. Hard on my six pack. Plus it had me panting at the end of 50 yards!  Then when I got home and climbed the steps out of the garage, my legs let me know they had been paying attention. Plus, fun to have a little change in the routine.  I love the internets.

Oh! My first and still favorite food truck will be right across the street for lunch today. Now, there's a nice surprise. Plus, it's raining so maybe the line will not be around the block.

That and tonight's ballgame are the only things on the agenda for today. There will be bear knitting. I have a book on Kindle that is really compelling, and about a million other distractions. Even when there's nothing going on, I manage to find something good.
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