Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Another good swim today. I read somewhere that you should count your strokes so this morning I did. In 25 yards, I was doing 24-28 strokes. 1. I think this is a huge range - showing a real lack of consistency. 2. I have no clue what is a good number of strokes or if constancy is even important. 3. I think if I swim a mile in under an hour, 6 days a week, maybe it doesn't matter how I do it?

For early morning swims, I put on my suit and throw my robe over it and go. My robe is really a floor length zippered hoodie.  And today, I think it's getting too warm for it.  Time to switch to the Summer fat lady dress. Easy on/off, pockets, and I'm covered. Fits the bill.

My prescriptions were still a no show at Walgreens so I called them to make sure they were in progress. Nope - they were clueless. So I called my doctor's office.  'hmmm it does not look like any prescriptions for Spirva or Advair were entered for you...' Glad I called!  The nice doctor's lady volunteered that she'd have someone call me when they were sent 'so you don't have to worry about it.'  I love my doctor and I love my doctor's office.

Today's baseball game is at 11. I do need to make a quick trip to the grocery but I think I'll wait until after the game.  Everything else seems to be under control for now...
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