Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I was unable to not buy a new Roamio TiVo.  I found one that would enable me to save $119 on the entire package (hardware and lifetime service). Then I called TiVo to see if they could match it or do better and, nope. So... rather than exercise self control, I just pulled the trigger. If I sell the bedroom one, great. If not, oh well.

I can't take it with me.

But, geez, at my age, wouldn't you think I'd have acquired some self government??

My swim this morning was great. For the first 15 minutes, I was the only swimmer in the pool and then another guy showed up.  At no time, during the hour I was there, did any swimmer have to share a lane. It was wild.  One of my favorite life guards was on duty so I asked him, since there wasn't a crowd to watch, would he please check my stroke. I always see swimmers who's feet and legs drag way below them. And while I 'feel' like I'm doing it right, It's cool to have someone else check.  So he watched me and said my back half is fine and the only thing he could see that he might change was that I was lifting my head up too high and needed to just swivel it to the side to breathe and then keep it in line with the line at the bottom of the pool.  So I worked on that for the hour. It was good.
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