Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The power did go out last night or really this morning at 3:08.  It was back on again before 4. That has better be it for power interruptions for a looooooong fucking time.

It was the first time I got to see my UPS in real action - the last power outage was too soon after the first one and the UPS wasn't charged up again. The first time was way too long. But this morning, hit the power button on the desktop computer back on and it came right back to the way I had left it with no intervention from me. Tres nice.

It's lovely and cool in here this morning. Last night, it got a little toasty before I went to bed so I had the A/C on for about an hour. Fixed the probably perfectly. Looks like tomorrow is going to be the same as today. Totally doable.

I'm fretting a little about prescriptions for my two main inhalers. On Friday, I sent the request to the doctor. I did it online so I can see I sent it and requested the correct pharmacy. He's never ignored those requests but nothing's showing up yet on Walgreens Online. They are not the swiftest so probably it's just in their slow pipeline.  Once you get into refill mode, it's easy to track them but the first time is kind of blind. And slow. I have 30 days before I run out so it's not an emergency just a baby sitting job until I am sure Walgreens is on board. Also, I'm curious about how much it will cost me and I won't find that out until they ship.

Today's swim is at 11 and that and the ballgame at 5 are it for the calendar. In fact this week is pretty clear of obligations. Nice.

I think I'll go reset the clock on the microwave... again...
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