Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Monday and still I have electricity!!

Every single piece of dirty cloth in the house is now clean and folded and put away.  I love when that happens.

My swim music/book/podcasts have been updated and charged up and are ready to go. It was slated for a Sunday project that never got done and this morning I was swimming on 25% of charge. Stressful.  But all is fine now.

It is mercifully cool in here today.  The sun hid behind cooling clouds until 1 pm and my east facing windows totally escaped the frying. Very nice.

My other big project today is not buying stuff. I put 4 tops ($100) into a shopping cart but didn't pull the trigger. My old tops are old but unstained and with no holes and I have plenty of them. So no. I think I can easily avoid buying those. It was tempting for a minute but when I put the laundry away I saw how silly it would have been to spend that money.

But the other item is tougher. I still have my eyes on a TiVo Roamio. I keep reading about how it is oh so much better than what I have. Faster, smoother, two more tuners, streaming anywhere...  Of course I realize that these people are, probably, self justifying upgrading from the already pretty slick model that I have now. But, still. I want.

My current plan is to hold off until June. Really for no good reason except maybe I'll get stuck by good sense between now and then. Doubtful but it could happen.  Meanwhile in researching selling a TiVo, I discovered that I could get $32 for an old router I happen to have gathering dust that I know I will never ever use again. So that's not nuthin.

Otherwise, I'm enjoying my electricity and having my house put back together and functioning.
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