Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Juiced for now

The last update (yesterday afternoon) about the planned power outage Part II was that it was going on as usual.  So I was surprised but probably shouldn't have been when the 3 am to 6 am outtage did not happen. I woke up about every 15 minutes from about 3 until I got up at 6. No power interruption at all. I ran into the resident building manager when I left for swimming. I asked if he had heard any updated news.  "I guess they are done."   Love the info flow.

No email updates or flyers with information.  The power is on now but who the fuck knows if they will turn it off again?

What a FUBAR.

I am glad to have power. And, my new router has come right back up working like a champ every time. Nice.

Today is laundry day, I think. The dirty clothes bin over floweth and the bed could use a sheet change. And today's as good a day as any  for all that.

Saturday a unit down the hall went on sale and they had an open house. I had seen the listing online that morning and was intrigued by their furnishings. I went to see. The woman who lives there is a real estate agent so I was not surprised it was so nicely staged but I was surprised at the price. I thought it was low. Ann thought it was about right. 2 parking spaces but all original (21+year old) appliances.  It's about 200 square feet smaller than mine but I only have one parking space.   Anyway, this morning, it's listed as pending.  It's been a while since a unit in this building went on sale. And I know the market is hot but wow.

Time to get the laundry started.  Zoey is snoozed out on the bed so maybe I'll do the sheets in the second load. Hate to disturb her.
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