Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ok, my bad real bad

Once the power was on for good, and I got dinner, I realized what a whiny unreasonable bitch I was about the whole thing. I still think Ann should have asked me if I wanted coffee - kidding!!!  But, really, I was just totally unreasonably stressed about the whole thing almost from the time I first heard about it.  Then as it went on and on and on my temperament went downhill.

Shit happens and really no harm was done. I just reacted very badly.  Tomorrow will be better if only because 1. I won't be at all surprised if the power does not come back when promised and 2. I have a game plan for if it doesn't.

I won't be happier but maybe I won't embarrass myself.


I will say that spending a day without the webcams on turned out to be pretty interesting to me. I was acutely aware that they weren't there. I made a mess at one point - lunch plate, tissues everywhere, the airbed sloppily in the middle of the room with pillows on the floor.  At one point I thought 'I should clean this shit up.' and the I thought 'No hurry, no one can see!'  And I didn't get dressed until it got too cold.

I think the webcams keep me honest, tidy and more engaged beyond me than I realized.  I kind of like that and knowing it.
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