Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And we're back... and we're not...

And the saga continues. The lights came back on at 3:50.  I got the computers restarted and the bed back to flat. The TiVos came on successfully and I calmed down clocks on the stove and microwave.  Oh and I peed with the light! (The only windows in this place are in the very front of the house - the living room. Without power the back end and both bathroom are black.)

And then at 4:25 the power went out again. This time the outage website said restoration ETA was 11 pm.

But at 5:05, the power came back again.

This is getting old.

It's one thing to deprive me of CBS Sunday Morning but when you threaten me with no Good Wife finale, you are talking some serious shit.

However, fingers crossed, maybe... we're good til 3 am tomorrow.  I abandoned the moving the car thing. They will have to have the garage doors open for people going to work. I've already organized everything I might need in case I get back from swimming and can't get in for a while.  All's cool.  And I'm starving. I'm planning on cooking while it's possible.
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