Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

5 pm is the new 8 pm

Yes, sports fans, the new Power On ETA is 5 pm.  It's now 1:30.  The building manager sent out a better (more informational) note and this time included info that indicates this situation is not bringing out the best in the condo population.

So now I'm in Counting My Blessings Mode.

1. Whatever we can do as customers - bitch, moan, sue, file for damages, will be handled for me by my neighbors.
2.  I have a charged up phone with backup battery power.
3.  I have wifi via said phone.
4.  I have enough of 2 and 3 above to last until 5 fairly easily.
5.  I have an AM radio that is bringing me a clear signal (not an easy feat in this building) of the Mariner game and they are winning.
6.  I have food - good food that doesn't even need cooking.
7.  I have no where I have to be except here.
8.  I have no one here who's bitching I have to listen to.
9.  It's not nearly as hot out (and so in) as it could be and was earlier this week.

I pulled out one of the airbeds so that I'd have a place to stretch out in front of the door where I can get some air. The other airbed is more comfortable but it needs a blow job and needs electricity for said blow job.  So...

10. I have a nice place to stretch out in the cool to read my book.

3 hours and 15 minutes to go.  Unless 5 pm becomes 8 pm or later even. Sigh.
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