Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I am not a nice person and I don't care

So my neighbor, Ann, called me this morning about 9 to ask if I knew anything about the power. I told her that the building manager had sent an email saying it would not be on until noon and that the Seattle City Light's website says 2. We discussed that because of the stairs to climb, I could not go out.  She said they couldn't either.

Then at noon Ann came into my living room  to tell me that she had been down to pick up coffee for her and her husband (thanks, so much for even offering to bring me any... ) And she wanted me to show her how to send an email to Tija who's partner is the HOA president. Tija and Sandy are away for the weekend but Ann thought if Tija knew that there was no power she could tell Sandy who might call somebody.

Her iPad wouldn't send email and her phone wouldn't work (although it seemed to work fine when she called me)...

WTF does not even cover it.

Oh and, when she came in, I was listening to the baseball game. If I just waltzed uninvited into someone's home, I think I'd maybe apologize for interrupting... instead she wanted to know the score.

Without being blood drawing rude, I did not encourage her to stay and visit. Deep down inside, I am not a people person. On the surface, most of the time I can cover that up. I do not think I covered it up too well just now.  And I don't care.
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