Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Noon is the new 8 am

I just got an email from the building manager that Seattle City Light now says that the power won't be back on until noon.  Nice. Not!

The game starts at 11 but is on am radio and I only have fm radios in the house.  My little cellphone is doing the job of an army today. I need to make sure I can keep it charged up for another 3 hours.  This is not making me a happy camper.

I could go out. Going down the stairs is no problem. BUT 1. I'm not sure I can get the car out of the garage and 2. I'm not sure how far I can get on foot and 3. There is no way I can get back here until the power is back on.  I cannot climb 4 flights of stairs.

So I'm here for the duration. The good news is I have milk and cereal is an acceptable breakfast. And I have grapefruit.  No coffee is not that much fun but not tragic either.

At least I have a flush toilet.
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