Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Official Season Change

Personally, I operate on two seasons - hot and cold.  Since I live in downtown Seattle, it's kind of easy to do that. I don't have leaves to rake in the fall or planting to do in the Spring.  Plus, binary is pretty much always easier.

Today I bought ice cream and put away the winter boots and winter crocs that have been in residence by the front door since last November.  I had finished grocery shopping and was getting the receipt when I heard someone say 'flavors' and my mind said 'ICE CREAM!!' So I turned around and went right back in - Ben and Jerry's, on sale 2 fer $7. I got 2 chunky monkey's and 2 vanilla heath bar crunch. Still my favs after all these years.

So now it's Summer. My shades are drawn. It was supposed to be cloudy and rainy all day and so far we've had way too much sunshine. However it does look like I'll be able to raise the shade here pretty soon.  (My shades are the kind you see in restaurants - they block out the sun but you can see right through them.  I love 'em.)

Swimming was good. I finished my mile about 7 minutes earlier than usual.  The pool was kind of full and I had good people in my lane. When I am sharing a lane with considerate swimmers, I like to keep up my end of the bargain. Generally that makes me swim faster. It did today.

Brunch was not a huge success. I wanted to eat something before I hit the grocery store and the options between the pool and my target store were limited. I went to one place and the wait was 20 minutes so I went across the street. The sausage was too sweet and the toast was stone cold but the coffee was good and it was comfortable enough and I accomplished the not-starving-when-you-grocery-shop goal and I don't have to go back so no harm, no fowl (it was chicken sausage).

Now I'm home and Zoey is stuck to my leg. A bit ago,  had the door open in hopes of a cross breeze and Jack, the french bulldog from down the hall was off lease, saw Zoey and the two of them did the NASCAR 500 throughout my condo for a good while.  Zoey, unlike other cats I've had, notably Betty, did not hiss or lash out...  she just ran like CRAZY and Jack was totally up for the chase.  Finally, Jack's owner managed to catch him.  I love Jack but Zoey begs to differ.

I have nothing else on the agenda for today except the baseball game at 5.  
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