Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And it started with an egg salad sandwich

I was sitting here thinking about how cool it was outside and how hot it was in here and what was I going to have for lunch?  I have a couple of hard boiled eggs. So I was thinking egg salad sandwich with bacon but I'm nearly out of bacon. I need to make a Costco run. I almost out of grapefruit cups, too.  Wonder if they have their air conditioners out yet....

So instead of lunch I went to Costco.  They actually had two different models of DeLonghi (a very reputable brand for portable a/c).  I stood next to the cheaper one and whipped out my phone to see if I could find it's watts.  I need to stay at 1010 or below. Not easy in air conditioners. And difficult info to come by. But I found it and the model I was standing next to was listed at 1000.  Oh, baby...  It was a sleek, black, nice looking thing...  I grabbed a Costco guy and told him I wanted to buy it but I needed help getting into the cart and help getting it into the car.  He was all over that project.

I wanted it out of the box because I didn't want to fuck with the box and, also, I didn't think it would fit in the car. Without the box, it had plenty of room! I buckled it in and home we came.  It has now been working for 30 minutes and the room's temperature has dropped 3 degrees already!!!  And it is WAY more quiet than its predecessor. It's also smaller and does not stick out like a sore thumb in the living room.  Oh and it comes with two lovely bags - one to cover it during winter and one for its accessories. Nice touch.

I made a flyer for the bulletin board to give away the old one. If no one takes it, I'll be in a bit of a pickle but I'm sure someone will.

Meanwhile all of the wrangling and wrestling and hauling and setting up has now made the backs of both hands just a giant splotch of blood bruise. Uuuuuuuugly.  And I got the test results back from the doctor.  My bones are great and so is my clotting.  So, I am going to quit worrying about it. Sure it looks like crap but it doesn't hurt, it's not on my face, it doesn't stop me from doing anything. My days as a hand model never really took off anyway.

I did remember to get grapefruit and bacon at Costco. But I still need a sandwich.
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