Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Outstanding medical karma!

Swimming was good except it took longer than normal. I had to stop and dig the earbud out of my ear.  I pulled the wire to loosen it and the rubber tip just stayed in my ear! Weird. I managed to dig it out and it was fine because I had way too much time between swimming and doctor appointment.

So I stopped at McDonald's and got a sausage biscuit and coffee.  Delish.

Then on to the doctor. I did want to get there a little early because I had to get my insurance changed. Once that was done, I didn't have to wait long. All was great. My blood pressure was at a record low.  My weight was 15 pounds lower. And I grew a half inch taller. (I think their measuring stick was a bit off - this year or last.)  Everything else checked out fine and dandy. He gave me a new/different rescue inhaler which is fine because, frankly, the one I have been using is does not appear to do much of anything.  He wanted a new bone density test and I agreed. It's a truly painless test and if my bones are crumbling, I can at least maybe be more careful. Not too much to ask.

He also wanted to do some kind of clotting test to see if maybe there was help for my blood bruises. This is fine by me. I'd love to find a magic bullet fix for them!  And, if all else is fine, he wants to see me again in 6 months. I was hoping for a year but I think between my age and my COPD 6 months is the bare minimum.

Then It was on to the bone scanner and then back to the lab for another blood draw. I explained and apologized ahead of time to the vampire about my tiny little veins. She laughed and went right to the arm that the guy from Wednesday didn't even try.  She hit pay dirt immediately!! It took 20 minutes on Wednesday. It took less than 5 today.  Nice.

But the big victory was at the pharmacy.  The inhaler that doesn't do squat cost me anywhere from $100-250 depending on which insurance was in effect at the time of purchase.  So imagine my total shock when the drug store lady said 'That will be $3.60.' WTF????  Three dollars and 60 cents. I put my credit card back in my wallet and paid with cold hard cash.  Seriously, that's a total win.

I do hope I have not now used up all my good medical karma.  But I am soooooo relieved.

The hot got into my bedroom last night. It was NOT good or fun. I need to work harder at not letting it get hot in here - blinds closed, fans on, a/c on... it's cooler today and supposed to be even cooler tomorrow and Sunday.  Once the living room gets cooled down, the bedroom will follow and it will be up to me to make sure I do everything possible to keep it that way.

I ran into Ann (neighbor) coming out of the elevator yesterday and she said that she was taking her husband to the hospital. He had a surgery a few weeks ago - heart/veins something, I lost track - and got an intestinal infection that is knocking him out. She said he now couldn't even walk.  For the past two years, he's been one medical issue after another. Each one worse than the last. I wonder how long he is for this world. Their car wasn't in the garage when I got home today.  Maybe he'll get some of my good medical karma this time!
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