Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A/C in for Summer 2014

The sun went behind the clouds and my terrace cooled off considerably so I thought I'd go ahead and do the deed.  It's all set up and tested out.  It does not seem quite as frigid cold as it used to be and it certainly isn't "Library Quiet" like the box said (and that's why I bought it!!) and it was when I brought it home but... it's cool enough and quiet enough to last another year, I think.

The old hose was finished, though. It started cracking about 5 years ago. A certified replacement hose, at that time, was $60.  Now it's more like $125.  So, when it first started to go, I bought one made for another unit and close in size. $30.  It attached it with some ugly tape. But this year the original hose had enough holes in it to serve as a sieve.  So I cut if off the plug and then reattached the replacement with much nicer looking tape that you really can't even see and it looks way better and works fine.

So... it's not hot enough to turn it on but when it is, I'll be ready.

If I see a good one, at a good price, with the proper amperage (my electrical system is a bit delicate), I may go ahead and replace it. But it doesn't appear to be a have to now. Yeah!!

Zoey's not quite sure what to make of it so she's staying out on the terrace until things settle down.
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