Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Wow... talk about a change... the new LJ look is really really new

I just discovered the new look to Live Journal and I love it!!  I am not looking forward to the anticipated bitching and moaning from those who feel differently but, hopefully, that will pass soon enough.  And, I see there are a few glitches.  But, bold move, LJ. Good on you!!

It's going to be hot today. Really hot. Too hot to even set up the air conditioner. The air conditioner set up involves digging it out of its closet on the terrace and manhandling it over the threshold into the living room. Then getting out the pet door cum vent door and setting up the giant hose to the outside.  It's heavy work that is sweaty on a cool day. Tomorrow promises to be way cooler so I think, probably I'll do it then.  It's kind of early yet, BUT, I want to make sure there are no glitches and it still works. If it does not, there is still time to buy a new one before they all get massive surcharges on them or just plain gone.

I've worried for several years how I would get a new air conditioner home. I bought this one at Costco and had them take it out of the box and lay it on the backseat of my car. That was a Ford Escort. My current Smart Car is not going to love that much at all.  BUT, now that I have discovered Task Rabbit - anything is possible. I'll hire someone to pick it up, get it in here and take the old one away.  I love Task Rabbit and even more that it's a viable thing I can count on!

My new router is up and operational and error free. It was about exactly half the pain I thought it would be setting up. Turns out, I was delighted to discover, if you use the same IP address, the same SSID, password and security, all your wifi stuff does not know the difference! I had to twiddle with the webcam but that's because I screwed it up.  The rest just hopped on board without my having to touch them.  Even the skittish wifi printer.  Nice.  My little monitor software says it hasn't so much as hiccoughed since I first turned it on. Whew.

I had one errand to run on the way to the pool today and I cannot now remember what it was. I have about 30 minutes to remember or it will miss its turn.
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