Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


A while back I got a request for an interview about living with a 24/7 webcam. I have had invitations like that in the past and just said no. But, this request was smart and interesting and I said ok. But, my expectations were pretty low.  I have a way lower tolerance for incorrect facts than most reporters.  I decided early on not to worry about it.  The reporter asked good questions.  She had a lot of follow on requests and questions - I complied with maybe half.

I would not have been surprised if nothing had ever come from it.

BUT... Today the story was published and it's exactly what I told her, respectfully and interestingly told.


The story includes the most amazing video compiled from my own webcam over several months. You can see me clip my toenails, and clean up a dropped Dr. Pepper in addition to my always activities of watching TV, knitting and checking the computer.  But, mainly you can see exactly how innocuous living with a webcam really is. Fun.

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