Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Why I can't be a junkie...

Blood blood blood.  Sometime in the middle of the night a bunch of blood vessels broke in my hand. It was and is totally painless and looks horrifying.  The two spots by my wrist have been there for weeks. the washer door got me for one of them and the yarn basket lid did the other one.  Fragile veins and fragile hair.  I'm not sure I didn't get the short straw on this deal.

To add insult to injury, after swimming, I went to the doctor's office to give them pee and blood.  The blood guy tried. He dug one hole and went fishing. It was the tiniest needle in the world but no vein would play nice.  So he headed up my arm and heated it with hot water in a plastic glove. Then he made another jab and dug around and finally got a little dribble that he worked hard and finally got enough out.  Usually, blood drawing people are all apologetic and stressed.  He was just pissed - at my tiny, fragile veins.  Oh well. Hopefully, this is is for a year. But this is why I don't donate at the blood bank or give IV drug use a try.

Usually the major tribulation at this adventure is peeing into a cup. If you've ever been female and gotten one of these cups clearly designed for even a bad aiming male, you know how impossible it is to manipulate.  Why or why don't these labs fashion some kind of pee funnel?????  Plus, I never ever ever have enough pee. I drank 24 ounces of water on my way to the Lab from the pool.  Still, nothing.

BUT this time, I front end loaded. This morning, when I got up, I filled up a nice little pimento jar and took it with me. Sure enough, no go with the little plastic cup, so I pulled the pimento jar out of my purse and filled their little penis loving cup. Everybody wins.

I'll get the results this afternoon in my online Chart which I just love.  On Friday, I go into the the adorable doctor for my annual visit.

Yesterday I really felt like I was coming down with something COPD like. I felt crappy and was full of irritation cough. I took a nap and that didn't help so I went to be early.  I watched the Mariners turn in their 7 inning lead to lose the game at the end and then went to sleep. This morning, ugly hand aside, I feel good.  Fragile veins but fast healing.

My housekeeper is coming this morning. She actually should be here any minute. The baseball game starts at 1 so the parking will be getting tighter than usual soon. She said she'd make sure and get here before 10.

My router only went out once yesterday. I think it knew that the new router had arrived. I think I'm going to go ahead and replace it with the new one anyway.  I've got the time and it requires an area of expertise that gets better with use. And I'm really tired of wondering all day if they damn thing is going down again. Plus, if this new one fails, I will know it's Comcast. Not that that's going to fix anything but knowing may help my mental health.
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