Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Knock knock knock knock

I answered the door and there was the building manager, my neighbor down the hall who never remembers who I am unless she's running for elective office, and Tija who lives upstairs.  The building manage as holding.... Zoey.

Zoey had apparently gone out for a thrill ride without telling me.  Neighbor who never knows me found her and went to get the manager. Tija was coming in from work so they all three ended up on this floor and captured the escapee.  Apparently, it was a bit of a bother to figure out who's cat it was.

I have no idea what I did with that collar she wore for many months. It has a bell on it and a tag with my name and phone number and unit number. I found an old tag (she will now be called Pizza by anyone who finds her but the contact info is the same) and a bell and fashioned a lovely color out of one of those plastic spiral bracelet things that people keep keys on.  It actually works pretty darned well.

So now she's tagged and belled and on this side of the door.  I sent email apologies to the rescue team.  
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