Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Headed down the Path To The Impossible

My paternal grandfather ran away from his home in Germany when he was a teenager and joined the British Navy. When war broke out between England and Germany, he jumped ship the next time they hit land. By happenstance that 'land' was Galveston, TX. He learned English (mostly) and joined the Fresco Railroad working his way up to engineer - the first without a college degree at the railroad.

He applied for and was granted citizenship the very minute it was possible. He was a rabid, flag waving, jingoistic citizen. He retired and devoted himself to writing letters, loving his grandchildren, taking care of my grandmother and fighting Medicare.

They never paid him correctly. Actually, really, they never paid the doctor correctly. And he was all over it. The problem was, they over paid. And he was trying to refund money to the U.S. Government.

His letters are great, his grandchildren adored him, my grandmother was adored by him and he was a total fail in righting his finances with the government.  When he died, by his calculations, Medicare had overpaid about $250 on his behalf and despite a lengthy and energetic battle, he was never able to give it back.

In March, I got a letter from Medicaid saying that since I turned 65, I need to get health coverage from Medicare.  Made since to me. I signed up. All was fine.  Except it wasn't.

Since March, I have gotten a truckload of mail about Medicaid. Half of it says I need to reapply or I will lose my benefits.  The other half says I am no longer eligible. I sent email twice and called once and all three times was assured my Medicaid coverage had ended and my account closed.

Saturday I got a letter saying that starting in May, Medicaid will be paying my Medicare bill. WTF?????!!!

I am reliving my Grandfather's life. I will spend my remaining years trying to get the government to quit paying for me.

Today's foray will be to get back onto their website and change my account to reflect my actual taxable income which will, hopefully, bounce me out of eligibility. When I applied, my income was not verifiable via IRS and the projection was lower.  Now I have the tax return. Hopefully, this trick will fix it.


Swimming this morning was packed. My lane (Easy) wasn't bad at all but some pool somewhere was closed and their masters folks came to ours. I love watching masters people do their stuff. It was fun.


I'm still fighting internet issues. Randomly I get dropped. I just lost it while typing this entry. Rebooting the router fixes it and that's easy enough but geez it's getting old.
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