Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


When I was little, my parents dragged us to church every single freakin' Sunday. We went to a protestant church - Disciples of Christ. It was kind of a benign denomination more Presbyterian than anything else. None of the trappings of say Episcopalians but one or two traditions and Mother's Day brought out one that I honestly thought was creepy.

Every single person - young and old - got a carnation boutonniere.  If your mother was alive you got red and if you mother was dead you got white.  As a little girl, I was fascinated. During the ohhhh soooo long sermon, I mentally divided up the room. I'd move all the red - live - mothers on one side and the dead-ies on the other. I made mental judgement of each.  It was hard to imagine the mothers of the really old people - especially really old people with red carnations.  I had a pretty active imagination.


I out schemed myself on my internet automation scheme.  And so woke up this morning to no internet. I didn't even bother to figure out the problem. I fired up my phone's hot spot to get the radio going.  Once I had coffee, I figured out what the deal was and got it all fixed.

I can add the wifi hotspot to my phone for $15 for a month. I added it earlier this month when I was having issues.  So far I've totally gotten my $15 worth!  The neat thing about my current plan is that I can add it on the fly for the month. If I don't need it, I don't add it and so save the $15.  My current cellphone plan is prepaid with T-Mobile $30 ($45 with the hotspot).  And I haven't seen any of the connection issues I had a year ago. It's a deal that is pretty nearly too good to be true. Probably won't last so I'm trying to double enjoy it now.


I have one errand to run today. The baseball game is an afternoon game. Should be a fine day.
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