Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Good food is wonderful but presentation, availability and ambiance are about as valuable to me as the good.

I am not a salad lover. I eat it now and again and sometimes don't hate it. I am big on Fresh Express. I'm sure it is chock full of some kind of carcinogenic preservatives because it really does not spoil quickly.  Safeway using has it on sale and, for me, it is a good buy.  Today they had some new stuff - kits.  I've been a fan, in the past of their coleslaw kits. I usually add stuff to the mix but it is good and, like the rest it does not spoil quickly.

So I looked at the new kits today and was enticed by this one.  It's really intended to be mixed up and eaten all in one meal but that's WAY too much salad for me.  So I snipped open the little packets and guessed at how much and made my own smaller version.  I am absolutely amazed at how good it is.  I mean it's really delicious. Now I'm going to have to try the other kits, too.  Maybe I am a salad lover!

About a month ago at Costco, I discovered the their pink grapefruit cups. I bought some. OMG are those things the most delicious snack.  Safeway has nearly the same thing but the Costco ones are a lot cheaper.  They are going to be my saving grace when the heat of Summer hits.

One thing about this salad and the grapefruit is the delivery system.  If the grapefruit came in big jars that I had to spoon into a bowl, I'd probably have it once in a great while.  But the little cups are just the perfect snack size.  I could, fairly easily, buy the greens for the salad in the organic section without the carcinogens and make up my own gorgonzola dressing. But, would I? NFW.

I love the taste of good food and I value it and presentation of it, but like my breakfast this morning, the very best food delivered in a hostile atmosphere or served inconveniently is just not worth it to me.
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