Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I lucked out and found the perfect sunglasses.  Perfection for me in sunglasses has two equally critical elements. They have to block out 100% of the nasty harmful stuff and they have to feel like I'm not wearing sunglasses.  Foster Grants, Walgreens, $19.95.  I'm going back next week and getting two more pairs just like this one.  One for the car, one for when I go out on foot and one to replace whichever one of those others that I lose.

Breakfast was good. I am not so much in love with the food at this place, Bing's... it's ok but not OMG, but the getting there is lovely, parking is easy, it's in a great spot, they have excellent coffee served in fabulous mugs and it's just comfortable. So I keep going back - happily.

Swimming was wonderful - peaceful and just nice and not crowded either.

On to the grocery store where I only got what was on my list. This bit of self restraint was countered by a roll through the Krispy Kreme drive through after my stop at Home Depot where they validated my Amazon Prime membership.  Came home, ate 2 donuts and ordered my switch online.

Now that I have all of the premium channels, I get a whole host of movies that are on my want to see list. Some of those were on hold at the library. I searched in TiVo and found every single one of the ones I had on hold.  I should go through my Amazon watch list and see if any of those for rent are available for on a premium channel for free.

I had to go to two stores to find my Diet Dr. Pepper.  Whew that stuff is getting hard to find again.

But, now I have a nice stash.

I fine tuned my auto router/webcam/network rebooting system.

I finished the Amazon book. It was great. Now I have the Kindle loaded with a couple of excellent options. The latest Rachel Abbott is free to borrow!  I think I'd rather wait until the audible version comes out but this price is right so I'll give it a start.

But now it's time to finish off the latest bear and start another and catch up on some TiVo before the ballgame.
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