Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I've got 30 minutes before I head out.  Today is swimming, brunch  and errands.  The pool opens at 8:30 and then it's off to brunch. Brunch tomorrow is not happening. Finding an empty seat on Mother's Day is so not worth the effort.  Then I need a few groceries, a hardware store stop and sunglasses.

I was on my doctor's website - the MyChart site - looking about my doctor's appointment next week. When I was at the eye doctor in February, he told me there were specs on my eye that might be the beginning of macular degeneration. He did not seem at all concerned so I wasn't either.  But then yesterday, I saw where he had added "Macular drusen" to my history.

My grandfather suffered from glaucoma for years and my mom was always afraid of getting it or macular degeneration - which several of her cousins had.  I think I kind of adopted her fear. So this morning, I went to Dr. Internets to read about Macular drusen.  Sounds like my doctor did not mislead me and there's nothing much I can do. I can change my dietary habits (not happening), I can start taking a bunch of different vitamins (er, no) and I can get sunglass religion. Never be outside without 100% UV ray blockage front and sides. This, I can do.

Today is garage sale day in West Seattle. There are about 300 of them going on in the neighborhoods of this peninsula. It's tempting.  Maybe. I don't need more junk. It's going to be a mad house. But, maybe. We'll see.
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