Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I was up late last night and, since I wanted to get up at 6 for my swim, when I did get into bed, I could not fall asleep.  But, it didn't really matter. I kind of enjoyed just laying there blanking out and just being. If 6 am came and I couldn't get up, I'd swim at 11.

6 am came and getting up was not a problem so swim I went. And it was fine. I'm listening to Dan Bucatinsky's Does This Baby Make Me Look Straight.  It's an ok read, but I'm kind of in the ok, I'm-ready-for-this-to-be-over stage. It's not bad enough to abandon and I think there's only about one more swim's worth left.

I ran into Julie, my friend from the pool, yesterday and she suggested we get together for a walk in the park sometime and I said great, any time is great for me and she said maybe next week.  And then I got home and looked at next week.  My normal totally free days are all missing next week. The housecleaner is coming, Chef Anita is coming, I have to go get blood work done and I have a doctor's appointment and that's for starters.

But today is free and clear and so, really, is the weekend so I'm not going to worry about next week until, er, next week.

My local NPR station is now airing a when-will-it-ever-end story about lactation stations at the work place.  I am soooooo OVER Mother's are superior beings stories.  ARUGH.  My plan to not let this crap bug me this year is pretty much a total fail.

On the up side, the Mariners are not sucking right now.  They aren't killing it either. Each game is a struggle but they are ending up on the right side more often now than the wrong and that gives watching the games a little fun wrinkle.
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