Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Mother's Day Zen

For some reason that I honestly can't nail, Mother's Day always annoys the shit out of me.

I don't think it's about missing my mother. She's been dead now for nearly a decade and while I'd be happy if she were here, I'm really more grateful for having had her so long rather than really missing her.

I don't think it's about my not having any children. I honestly do not remember a single time, even when I was little, ever wanting to have children.  At all. Nothing. Not even a tiny bit. I've always considered my not having any as my gift to any children I might have had. I have skills over a wide range of things... motherhood ain't anywhere in that mix.  And, no, I do NOT consider Zoey - or any animal - my 'child'.

Maybe it's just being left out. My spam, my web reading, billboards, snail mail... it's all about Mother's Day and so not in any even tiny way about me.

In year's past, I've just been pissed. This year, I'm trying a combo of ignoring all the Mother's Day shit and just letting it wash over me.  I have to say that so far, I've been only moderately successful.


Swimming today is at 11. The baseball game is at night and then, I've been ask to join some guys from Australia in an online gathering. They want to hear about the early days of the internet from a user perspective. The timezones have this at 11 pm my time which is past my bedtime and will make getting up for the 6 am swim a bit of a kink but no biggie. Should be fun and interesting enough to be worth it.
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