Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My internet issues are making me crazy. I finally put a timer on the router power. It's now rebooted automatically. I can see that I lost the internet at 2 am again last night but the timer reset it at 4 so at least I had it when I woke up.  Comcast changed my IP address again. Usually I keep the same IP for like 6-12 months.  This time it was less than a week.

Whatever. Oh well, at least I have time to fuck with it and I don't have a job that depends on no outages.

Yesterday I reorganized my yarn so that the area around my TV chair wasn't so cluttered. When I was little my mother had 'her chair' in the den. It was always surrounded by books and magazines and mending and stuff. I don't remember her spending much time sitting.  She always kept a very tidy house but the area around her chair was always a mess.

I don't like the look of the mess but I do like to be able to have a few critical things besides the yarn and remote controls - chap stick, an emery board, stuff like that.  I think I finally got it all tweaked yesterday so that stuff is available but it doesn't look like a junk yard.

Today is swimming at 11. I think I'll stroll up to the bakery to collect my free loaf of bread before I leave for swimming.

Chef Anita doesn't come for another week. This is the week in the month when finding stuff for dinner is a PIA. I think tonight will be clean out the freezer night. I think there's some chicken in there... I have a potato I could bake and it's still cool enough to heat up the oven... I think there's a plan.
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