Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My internet was up when I got up this morning.  A lovely thing.  I did have to reboot it about an hour ago so it's not fixed but surviving 8 hours is good, very good.

On the other hand, my new Windows tablet is dead in the water this morning.  I think that maybe when I plugged it in last night, I didn't seat the plug in well and it just drained drained drained. In 4 hours it should be completely charged and then I'll be able to tell if it is Resurrected or indeed Dead.

The bakery down the street - which is a chain - yesterday tweeted 'mention this tweet and get a free olive loaf today only'.  I replied to them that it was NOT FAIR since my store was closed on Sundays. This morning I got a lovely tweet from them saying they have a loaf for me and asking which store. I told them Pioneer Square and they told me tomorrow.  Excellent.  They have good bread but it is kind of pricey. Free is a great price.

My swim this morning was lovely. Lots of people were missing. Sanko De Maio? Not a problem for me. I like having a lane to myself.

Nothing much going on here today.  Zoey's already gone back to bed. She's gotten so that she gets really agitated when I leave and is waiting by the door when I get home.  This is especially true of morning swims for some reason.  She was all hyped up. When I come back, I get coffee and then sit on the bed with the computer for about an hour.  She finally calmed down and slipped under the covers which is where she stayed until I started typing this paragraph and now she's right here in front of my face.

I remember Betty went through a fair number of personality changes over all the years she was here. I think Zoey may be somewhat the same and now she's in her attachment phase.  Attachment to me, that is.

I have a new 'friend' apparently on the web cam. My new favorite trick is to ask my phone how to spell things. It's a MotoX and one of its tricks is to answer 'OK Google Now' without my having to even touch it.  So when I want to know how to spell a word, I say 'OK Google Now - How do you spell xxx'.  Today the word was agitated. It first thought I said educated. So I had to ask twice.

Next thing I know my phone is ringing and it's a chipper female voice who wants to know why I am so agitated. I asked who it was and she said Katie. She asked why I was so agitated and I asked who Katie was and she said she asked first and I said I don't care and we went on like that for a bit til I hung up.

Weird but benign.

Ahhh the windows tablet just came out of its coma. Whew. And, it looks like I was right. The battery is drained but charging now so all is cool.
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