Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Oh, internet connection... where art thou??

My internet connection was down for 7 hours last night.  I still don't know if it's Comcast or my router. The router is top of the line and new, and the modem is still on the top of Comcast's recommended list.  Rebooting either fixes the problem. There have been Comcast internet outages reported near here, I'm really thinking that there's something honky on Comcast's end.  However, since it's intermittent and not replicatable on demand, it does no good to invoke their support.

I set up monitoring software yesterday and now can tell exactly how often and for how long it goes down.  This turns out to be more depressing than anything else. So my current Plan De Fixe is to put a timer on the router so that it's automatically turned off and on again at 4 am.  Not having internet for my alarm radio is beyond annoying so at least give me some internet juice at 6 am.  I hope.

I woke up this morning and sneezed a half a dozen times. My nose is already tired for the day.  It seems better now but my bed is now littered with used tissues.  Lovely.

Oh and the house does not smell like bacon!!  The odor remover I used last night was some industrial stuff I got at Home Depot and the spray bottle is nearly empty. Time to get a refill.

I'm not very motivated to get out today. I have plenty here for a good home brewed brunch and the baseball game starts at 11 so I think it's going to be a lovely in house day.  I'm a little tempted to try and go swimming today. The kids won't be there as they are between swimming lesson quarters but then I realize the pool doesn't open until noon and by that time, I will have lost the desire. I think. We'll see.  I dreamed about swimming last night and it was a great little dream.  If no pool today, tomorrow is at least an early morning swim day.
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