Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The only access I have, in this condo, to the outside is the sliding glass doors to the terrace.  I have a range hood kinda. It's a microwave that sucks air in and pretty much blows it back out into the house. Pretty useless.  So any smells created by cooking never ever ever leave.  Well, stick around for a while anyway. I have a variety of odor eater sprays and stuff that I usually haul out on Chef Anita days.

I've had a pound of bacon in my fridge since forever. I love bacon and particularly the cooked/frozen stuff at Costco. I cannot remember why I bought this package except I do love eggs fried in bacon grease so maybe I was starving at the store one day. So tonight was breakfast for dinner - waffles and bacon and eggs fried in bacon grease. So my house smells like bacon which is lovely for an hour and then housesitosis.  Oh well.  I did cook all the bacon and froze the rest so at least it won't stink up the house again.

This morning's swim was really just perfect. I had a lane to myself for most of my 2000 yards. My iPod worked just fine. Everything aligned.  I went to a favorite place I had not been to in a while for breakfast. It was too busy but good with great service. Then on to Trader Joes where I did NOT buy everything not nailed down. I was proud. Then on to Safeway where, again, I only got two of the three things I went in for - they had no diet Dr. Pepper.  I decided I could live without.

Home I came where I fiddled with the internet access for a while and then ripped CD's and cleaned up my music files and copied them all off safely and then deduped. And then watched the ballgame which the Mariners finally won. They had it well in hand and then tried to lose it after all but failed in the end. Mariners 9, Houston 8.  I still am having a hard time with Houston being in the American League.  old dog new tricks.

Now I'm trying to pretend the bacon smell is gone and watching the Sounders crowd swim into the stadium in teh really pouring rain. The fans do not seem to mind.

Now I think I'll wade through some TiVo and knit some bear.
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