Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Public Service Announcement

It has come to my attention that some of my entries are offensive to some readers. The offended ones considered their telling me of the offense to be a service and kindness to me.  And, in fact, it really is. It has prompted this entry - a rare Notice To Anyone Reading This.

I keep my journal for me. If no one reads it, I'll still do it. I use to to record my life - the highs and lows and trivia.

As it happens, I keep it here on Live Journal and I keep it mostly wide open for anyone to read. (However, there is no requirement to read it.) Very occasionally, I'll lock an entry down so that it is readable ONLY by a select and specific number of people - those with Live Journal accounts who are on my friends list.  I do this when I do not want anyone else to read it.  I also, sometimes, make entries totally private.

But, the public entries stand on their own. They occasionally may contain offensive content and often contain offensive language. That is not going to change.

PLEASE discontinue reading/following this journal if you are at all offended.  Seriously, I mean it. I write what I write with thought and a full understanding of the ramifications of my words. So just like a TV show you hate, change the channel.  You'll be happier.

It is a journal just for me BUT, one of the many reasons I keep it here on the Live Journal site is the people who do read it. So I'm really talking out of both sides of my mouth here.  Over the dozen years of this journal, I've gotten a tremendous amount of support, comeuppance, advice and sympathy and I would not trade anything for all of it.  You guys have saved my bacon.  And I hear you. So please don't change the channel unless you really are offended and then please do.

I now take you back to your regularly scheduled programming.
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