Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Misc this and that

Last Sunday I fell on the sidewalk and skinned my knee. It was not a bad fall and I really only brushed the top couple of layers of skin but it was enough to scab over.  I think because it spends an hour in water every day and then dries, it's not going away or changing. I may have this skinned knee for the rest of my life.

When my mother went into the hospital for the last time, she had coincidentally, just had a pedicure. She had bright cherry red toenails. I was not there but all of the nurses and doctors I talked to told me she was dying, not conscience and comfortable and had the cutest toes.

When my brother calls to see if I'm dead yet, he'll hear I have the knees of a 6 year old on the playground.  Oh well.


My home network is having a difficult time keeping its grasp on the internet. I installed a monitor program that beeps when it loses connection for more than 5 minutes.  I heard the beeps at 2 am. When I got up to pee, I rebooted the router. At 5:55, I heard it again. I got up to get coffee and rebooted the router.  At 6:03, I heard it again.  I rebooted the router.

The next time it goes off, I'm going to reboot the modem. Evidence to the contrary, I do not think it's my router. I've gone through patches like this before - at least this time, I don't have a job dependent on uninterrupted service.


I'm enjoying my Windows tablet.  It's snappy and I'm getting used to Windows 8. If I could only have one tablet, I'd toss it in a minute and keep my android tablet.  But the tablet is way handier than a laptop and does all I need it to do.  I have it set up with iTunes for music and books.  It works for updating my Harmony hub (for TV remote).  I need to set up the library for downloads from there to the Shuffle but that should not be a problem.

Next up is to rip my short stack of old CD's that I found when I cleaned up the terrace cupboards. I know there are a couple that I would really enjoy while swimming.

The other night, I deleted most every MP3 I own.  Accidentally.  Happily, the folder I deleted was mirrored onto another computer that was not turned on so I could recover it. It is now copied onto two different USB drives.  Most of the MP3's are on both Amazon's music system and Goggle's but neither of those work worth a damn with my Shuffle.  But, saved. So Whew.


Today, swimming is at 8:30. And then I'm not sure what. I'd like to pop into Trader Joe's but I also need Dr. Pepper which means a regular grocery or Cash N' Carry.  And I will also need breakfast. The baseball game is at noon.  A soccer game in the stadium across the street - and my own inertia - will keep me home tonight.


I think I'll do a house sweep for garbage and trash to take down to the dumpsters on my way out.
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